Wednesday, April 25, 2018

How Successful People Spend their Free Time


By free time, i'm referring to time that could otherwise have been spent on leisure, having fun and generally indulging in what will add little or no value to you. Not that it's not good to relax and have fun, but it shouldn't be all you do all of the time, at least not for a success oriented person.

Below are some  six "profitable'' ways to spend free time that can help you along the road to success

1. Knowledge

Working to improve yourself mentally, intellectually, career wise, or even acquiring new skills and knowledge that will aid and propel you along on your road to success. You've got to be ready to invest time and resources to get these.Something that when you learn will help you do your present work better or even start something entirely new. Take courses, classes over weekends or holidays.

2. Interact

Getting to know people especially new ones can open you up to a lot of ideas and experiences from which you can tap.I'm talking about people with whom you can engage in meaningful conversation with and come away with a rich load and your neurons fired up.I'm talking about face to face interactions not through a medium like say, phone. Engage with people that are successful and doing well in their chosen fields or areas of endeavor.

3. Keep in shape

Staying fit physically helps the mind to stay alert. It allows you to  concentrate better, dealing with problems becomes easier and you are able to proffer solutions faster. Your posture also impacts on how people relate with you,and the way you carry yourself speaks volumes about you. A regular exercise regime is important for that all round well being thereby increasing your level of confidence.

4. Eat healthy

Eating adequately and in the right proportions ensures the body  gets the necessary nutrients needed for proper bodily functions.It helps to improve emotional and mental health, thereby increasing your productivity and your outlook to life generally. It gives you a better mood and a feeling of happiness while unhealthy eating on the other hand can bring about anxiety and negative thoughts.

5. Meditate 

Meditating helps to calm your nerves and find peace within   yourself. You can look for a quiet place where you can relax. close   your eyes, and think about pleasant moments. It does the body, a  lot of good.


While commuting to work, I've observed a lot of chauffeur driven  people in "big" cars , and one thing that i found common to 90% of them is that they had a book open before them and were actually reading it. Reading opens up the mind and you can tap from the wealth of experience of others.