Tuesday, February 5, 2013


  Generally people like to hold unto things that give them security. That little pay that they get from the job they have at present and don't want to loose because they're not sure if and how soon they will get another one.Year after year, they remain at the job, which probably they are not happy at any way- long hours, poor pay, poor service conditions and all the rest. Fear keeps them caged in. Every now and then they think- if only i could get a better job or an additional one to augment what i get now; Or may be go into business, but what kind of business- how do i start, how do i build it and how long before i start to reap from it, and then they withdraw back into their misery, all hope defeated. And the years keep passing.If your employer had your mentality, you would not have a job in the first place. He thought differently, reasoned differently, believed in himself, acted differently and took the step.
He desired to change his situation, make something better for himself and was determined to make it work and that's why you are working for him- An EMPLOYEE.
I know of individuals who earned fantastic pay but still left such jobs because they wanted to be free, free from unreasonable commands, unreasonable targets and long hours- they wanted to be independent and manage their own time their own way. If you start work at 8:00am and close at 6:00pm, the hours within this period do not belong to you but to your employee. Yes that's  right- i guess you never thought of it that way. An employer once said to me. If you are as smart as me, you would not be working for me: well i guess he's kind of right don't you think?

Yes. So you've decided to leave the Comfort Zone. Well, here comes the CONFLICT So now you've put everything into consideration, you've planned, researched and finally decided to break forth and go for it.Good. But remember nobody told you it was going to easy or smooth sailing. There would be so many factors to contend with and you might get scared. You are now out of your shell, exposed and your success depends on your effort and a bit of good luck.
Factors such as existing and emerging competition will work against you. But  guess what, a lot of the big companies we have today had such noble beginnings. They withstood periods of economic depression, wars, unfavorable policies and stiff competition. Some failed, started all over again, and today, they are giants.Shear determination, perseverance and hard work are not negotiable necessities. If all this works out, you and you alone would enjoy the benefits. There is no room for Failure.

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